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Fire Protection Technical Guideline

The goal of this unofficial and non-binding English translation of the Hungarian Fire Protection Technical Guideline (TvMI 13.3:2022.06.13.) is to help designers, service providers, and verification agencies without proper Hungarian knowledge to understand the technical background of the specific Hungarian rules and regulations, like the National Fire Protection Regulation 54/2014. (XII. 5.) of the Ministry of the Interior or the Fire-Protection Act No. 1996/XXXI. and hence provide the same content to non-domestic investors and their employees.

Fire approval certificate (TMT)...

Our activity is based on the XXXI. law of yr 96 and 22/2009. decree (both mandatory in Hungary), where we issue a fire approval certificate for products manufacturing, processing and use (ia) flammable gases, (ib) flammable aerosols, (ic) flammable liquids, (d) flammable liquids, flammable liquids, flammable liquids and flammable liquids; solids, ie) Self-reactive substances and mixtures of type A, B, C or D, if) pyrophoric liquids, ig) pyrophoric solids, (ih) Category 1 or Category 2 emitting flammable gases in contact with water substances and mixtures; (ii) Category 1 oxidising liquids; (ij) Category 1 oxidising solids; or (ik) substances or mixtures of one or more hazard classes and categories of organic peroxides of types A, B, C or D.

ATEX Notified Body we are...

We do ATEX type certification based on ATEX DIRECTIVE 2014/34/EU OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL of 26 February 2014 on the harmonisation of the laws of the Member States relating to electrical and non-electrical equipment and protective systems intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres.


Your solution with our wide range of Ex certifications...

For any Ex Compliance projects ExNB is your partner.

We do provide Ex Competency trainings...

In possible hazardous environments only Ex competent people may come to repsonsible decisions and participate in any work directly.

we do provide Ex Competency trainings according to IEC 60079-14, -17 and -19.

There are various Ex competency schemes and programes available all focusing on individuals. Hazardous area industries require a competency system, where definitions are given, relations between competency and position on site is defined. The common understanding of Hazardous Area Ex Compliance (HAEC) shall be given. External contractor's Hazardous Area Ex Competency (HAEC) shall be measured and evaluated according to InHouse Competency System.

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We are partner in your Ex Compliance issues...

Besides product certification, we are here to serve you with our competence in any Ex related question of problem

Auditing Ex repair shops

EN 60079-19 defines any repair activity related to Ex integrity shall be covered by Ex repair shops dedicated to function. ExNB does audit Ex repair shops, and additionally supports all activities related to compliance described in EN 60079-19.

Engineering office

Hazardous Area Industries do require overall support in terms of Hazardous AREA Compliance. Any activity related to Ex integrity shall be driven by Ex Compliance. ExNB does deliver overall support in terms of electrical and non electrical Explosion Protection even if manufacturing, design, owner's engineering, repair, maintenance, inspection, assessments and audits.