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TMT certification

The Fire Protection Act XXXI of 1996. states that any apparatus, machine, or equipment which is exposed to flammable gases, aerosols, liquids, flammable solids, self-reactive substances and mixtures of type A, B, C or D, pyrophoric liquids, pyrophoric solids, oxidizing liquids or solids, and organic peroxides of type A, B, C or D are considered by law to be "flammable or explosive".

A Fire Safety Certificate of Conformity (TMT) is required to market or install such equipment or machinery. In the absence of this document, the market surveillance authority may impose a fine and ultimately prohibit the marketing or installation of the equipment. 

If it is not a single piece of equipment, but a technological system designed and constructed for the production, processing, weighing, storage, or use of flammable, self-reactive, or pyrophoric oxidizing substances or mixtures of substances or energy conversion, according to Article 20(2) of Act XXXI of 1996 (Fire Protection Act), a test for fire safety purposes (TCV) is required before the technology is introduced, placed on the market or generally used. 

According to the Technical Guideline for Fire Protection No. 13 on "Explosion Protection" issued by the Federal Ministry of Defence, it is prohibited to install machinery, apparatus, equipment or technology that is liable to fire or explosion without the above requirements being met.

Download here the unofficial and non-binding English translation of the Hungarian Fire Protection Technical Guideline (TvMI 13.3:2022.06.13.)

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